Need help with unpromising ear infection...? so i had an ear infection a little while ago (still do)...

so i had an ear infection a little while ago (still do) my mom told me to put a little of hydro perox contained by my ears followed by a little rubbing alcohol. that worked great until recently.

now: it hurts profusely, and when i put some drops of the perox in my ear it doesn't bubble at all, and it feels approaching it doesn't go all the way down..

could it be that when i be cleaning it with the perox that a little bit of ear wax came up and get stuck half way up the ear canal? and in a minute the perox isn't reaching the other half and not fighting the infection?

or did i clear out the infection, and i just so come to pass to have a hole in my ear drum, so when i put the perox in, it make it worse??

also me ear with the infection in it - i can only hear 50% of what i can within my other one. and when there is something loud, the ear that is infected, like mutes, or gos down surrounded by volume.

what's our take on it?

also, i don't need someone to tell me to dance to the doctor right now, that's NOT helpful, i know i can when i need to, i don't involve someone to tell me that i can... i am open to suggestions though.
Answers:    well u may not want to hear it but go to the doctor. it can front to bigger problem like lose of hearing for good.

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