Non-diabetic 4yr. old son has giant blood sugar 368? I have 3 sons and my oldest(19) has Type 1 juvenile diabetes....

I have 3 sons and my oldest(19) have Type 1 juvenile diabetes. Notice some symptoms w/ my youngest (4) so tested his blood sugar and 1st reading was 340, 2nd was 368, what should i do?
Answers:    take him to a doctor, or if you think his blood sugar is exceptionally high (and you should know better than me as your son is diabetic so you should know what the suitable range is) then take him to A and E at your local hospital urgently.
Get him to the Dr. ASAP. Type 1 is genetic. My nephew was just diagnosed. Is he peeing the bed? Drinking ALOT of fluid? Hope it isn't but to be safe I would purloin him. Good luck.
Get him to a Dr right away to go and get diagnosed & begin treatment. A BS that high is a sign of diabetes and can turn serious very soon.
As here is diabetes already in the family, and you know what you are dealing with , help yourself to him to the doctors or hospital asap, hope everything is ok.
You likely have two diabetic sons. Call the pediatrician immediately.
Seems that he is diabetic also. My sister. my brother and I are each type 1 diabetics. Bring him and a sample of his urine to your doctor for the official diagnosis.
The chances of child having diabetes are much higher if a sibling have it.

My boy was diagnosed at age 4 and his sugar level was around 50 and it be very clear indeed that he was seriously ill so dont pilfer this the wrong way but 340 sounds implausibly high. If it really is that integer (rather than a faulty testing unit) then you shouldn't be rhythm away on the computer, you should be in A & E.
rapid breathing/ trouble breathing
depression is be knit to it to
boils is a sight to doctor say
headaches, back backache, aching muscles, and stomach pain
Excessive thirst and appetite
Increased urination (sometimes as often as every hour)
Unusual weight loss or gain
Nausea, probably vomiting
Blurred vision
In women, frequent vaginal infections
In men and women, yeast infections
Trouble getting or maintaining an erection
Dry mouth
?Lack of interest and concentration
Slow-healing sores or cuts
Itching skin, especially in the groin or vaginal
numbness/tingling in the hands/feet
Areas of darkened skin

i enjoy it 5 years now ,my sister 15 year old have it since she be 6
run in both of of my family my ma sisters and brothers have it and their kids and also their kids
my da mother have it and die from it in 2005 98 years old and his brothers and sisters and their kids had it to we are over run beside 1 ,2

Common symptoms for lows include the following:

Because the brain is deprived of glucose, a second set of symptoms follows:
Difficulty in thinking
Ultimately, death


Blood glucose levels vary from human being to person and the amount of glucose in your blood will also change throughout the hours of daylight. Therefore, there is no such thing as an ¡®ideal' blood glucose level.

However, a average blood glucose level is between 4.0-6.0 mmol/l before meals (preprandial), and smaller amount than 10.0 mmol/l two hours after meals
first thing would be to swab his hands and retest him. if he has fruit juice on his hand, ate raisins today, etc his hands could have residue on them that would give him a deceitfully high test result. after that, if he is legitimately high, phone up your doctor or take him to the ER. sugars near 370 can do serious damage, but small kids can act in response differently to insulin, so don't just dose him with your older son's meds.
368 mg/dl is very high. Get him to a hospital immediately. Oh, and to the answerer above, different countries use different measurements for blood glucose concentration. 368 ml/dl is something like 20 mmol.

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