[picture] Does this look like genital herpes? Well...it literally confuses me on how I own genital herpes. Considering I've...

Well...it literally confuses me on how I have genital herpes. Considering I've never had sex - nor even physical contact with anyone. Hell, I've never even kissed anyone! I only just ever sit on public toilets - I know that's one way how to get it. I mean, I never directly sit my vagina on the form. Nor my anus or any other part that could catch it.

There's a small bump on the outside of my folds. There's only one. It stings a moment or two when something rubs against it. Moving my finger over it, it sorta feels like a blister/zit...

I often put perfume and lotion down within... Is that a way to get bumps on the outside of your folds? Tbh, I'm not very verbs... Being dead serious when I say this, but after I master bate, I don't clean myself - which I know I should... *embarrassed* I don't clean up my body like I should - so that could be the case, too...

Gah, I'm really really scared. I'm just 16... I mean, I haven't even had a boyfriend yet. I don't know what I'm gonna notify my mom... I think I'm just gonna wait a week and see if it go away. And if it doesn't, I'll go see a doctor. Definitely.

What do you think I should do...? Serious answers, please. I really need proposal... I'm scared outta my mind... :(

Here's the pic of the bump. I cropped out all the, uhm... 'other' parts...


Thanks in credit, btw...
Answers:    I would consult with a doctor.
Pimples can appear anywhere on the body. Of course, due to lots factors the face, neck, etc are more prone to pimples but the can appear anywhere. If we bring a pimple on our face we accept it as a pimple, if it is on your "private" we automatically assume it is a disease process - and this is a good entity because we should be vigilant.
If, as you indicate, you have not had sex with "anyone" later you would not be at risk for a sexually transmitted disease.
If you shave the pubic hair that can cause pimples.
Keep an eye on it and if it progresses or evolves into something more than a pimple you should seek medical warning. For sure, do not continue to poke, probe or otherwise manipulate the pimple. try to only just leave it alone and see what happens.
It doesn't have to be a wart or a STI infection. Pimples do appear contained by the genital area from time to time. Pimple in the genital area can be more prone to infection, because those are the surface are not really exposed to nouns.
i think its kind of like a wart. There is nought to be scared of go ask someone
OK, It DOES look like genital herpes, BUT if you haven't have any kind of sexual contact it's IMPOSSIBLE.

The first outbreak of herpes is VERY painful, you wouldn't be able to fail to acknowledge it.

NEXT you need to clean yourself properly honey, really you can get massively serious infections including UTI's that can spread to the kidneys, bacterial vaginosis... Use UNSCENTED soap and wash wash wash,... pilfer your time- If you cant shower EVERY DAY, use a washcloth, it take 5 minutes.

You're 16 and getting to that age where you're going to be having boys within your life, noone is going to touch you if you don't wash your privates.

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT use monistat or anything like that on it until you know what it is, that could trademark it worse!

Wash yourself, dry off VERY WELL, keep the area DRY and verbs,... if it's not better or gone with in a few days, go to the OB/GYN- if you enjoy your period (which i'm assuming you do at 16) you should already be seeing a gynocologist.

PLUS- unless you're lying about having sex, why not speak about your mother? unless she's a MORON she's going to know that you can't get herpes if you've never even kissed a boy. TELL HER, and let her be a mother and take you to the dr. and also conceivably she can show you proper hygiene, I'm not even insulting you, you're young, some women just dont know.
Take a deep breath and calm down.
You shouldn't have herpes if you own never had any thing to do with anal sex, oral sex or intercourse formerly. You're also not likely to be born with it, or get herpes from an aim or toilet seat.
It could be an in grown hair, cysts or pearly papules, or it could be some irritation from the lotion or perfume (which you shouldn't be using down stairs unless it's formulated for that purpose) a great deal of things can cause bumps down there with out it person caused by herpes or an std.
If you really want to know you should see a doctor and have a test done for herpes. Also you shouldn't post pics close to that on the internet, you never know where it could end up.

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