Please answer If you chomp through very little with an underactive thyroid would the person still gain lots of mass? Sorry I need a good amount of answers, ive already asked this...

Sorry I need a polite amount of answers, ive already asked this question but never got a great response, many gratitude.
Im doing a study on underactive thyroid, is it true not all people will gain weight? How hurried does the weight gain come on, typically how much do people gain ? If a person next to an underactive thyroid was an active person exercised everyday and ate sensible, how would they gain substance?
Answers:    That's the whole point of an underactive thyroid - u gain weight without it making sense! When my level were my lowest, I used to eat less than 1000 cals a year & exercise like a maniac & was bulimic! I didn't realise at that point I had a thyroid problem! I in a minute, while still overweight, eat normally & exercise 30 mins daily but I don't put on mass anymore, I'm controlling it.

I do seem to remember though that some people, very few, are regular or even underweight. I am not sure how this happens, maybe genetics, similar to if u were naturally someone who eats n eat n never puts on.

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