[Please Help!] My Dad Has Cancer (13 Year Old Girl)? So recently, we found out that he have liver cancer at stage...

So recently, we found out that he has liver cancer at stage 3. (About a month ago)
We are suspecting that he had it for a few years but the doctor never found out... SH?T!
Anyways, what is the average span for his energy?
He's gotten way better, like much much better. But I'm still scared...
Oh, if it help, he's not resting right now. Instead he's doing all sorts of things like paintnh the walls and adjectives wood... =.='''
Is he just gonna go suddenly? Or get exceptionally weak then go? I don't want to see him suddenly stir...

About treatments, wether he will or not we are not too sure. He said that "I'm not going for another surgery. There's no point. Even if I do it, I'll still die."
(He was rushed to the university hostpital for emergency surgery)

This is going to be like a scar that will never alleviate aiming straight into my heart...

Anyone with experience or help and advice?

Thank you
Answers:    pray god will help i have see stage 4 cancer go away i will pray for your dad if you do too if you really love your dad you would if you do not know god here is help on how to pray it is really easy

"God please help my dad disagree cancer be by his side and fight with him please god let him receive it and never let him hurt like this again" see that easy immediately pray something like this and god will heal and try to find a church to go too (i shift to a Pentecostal) god will work it out if you let him
If he refuse treatment there is no chance for cure and the chances are slim near surgery, but it is the only shot. No one is okay one day and dies the next from cancer it is a process and it is noticeable when a person is failing.
The cool thing about the liver is that it is the solitary organ in the human body that regenerates its self. You can remove 1/2 of it and it will grow back and express. Liver cancer is very treatable and it is a good sign that your dad is so active. Ask him how he is doing and what the doctor have told him. He sounds like he is doing well so it is impossible to say if he might die and how soon. Best Wishes and Think Positive Thoughts.
knowing a loved one have or had cancer is tough believe me, i have been within before with my mother 9 years ago but thankfully she is alive and economically. what you need to do is just stay possitive, put on a brave face, try keeping your mind colonized on other things and keep giving your dad 100% support and love

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