(Please read all.) Besides Strep what can cause white pockets on tonsils? My throat doesn't really HURT the way strep make it hurt. My...

My throat doesn't really HURT the channel strep makes it hurt.
My throat burns, it especially burns when I drink anything carbonated.
I have had a cough (chest cough) for a few days immediately, and I am very tired.
My tonsils aren't swollen...

At first I thought I was getting bronchitis, but the white spots on my tonsils are throwing me off.
Answers:    My daughter had like thing about 4 months ago. I took her to the doctor to have a strep interview which if have not done I would do that. My daughters came back unenthusiastic which so surprised me, what it was, a virus some people will get rid of the virus surrounded by different ways like mouth blisters and throat. She was given some medications and be told to gargle with salt water. Gross I know but it help to sooth her throat a couple of times of doing that. But please go to the doctor
Food deposits.
i enjoy that and im getting my tonsils removed on March 2nd.

i got white blister/pockets from:

and strep throat.

good luck!

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