*Please Read!* Any tips on how to kick this illness/virus? Thanks!? The later 3 days I have been feeling a short time ago plain icky. My...

The last 3 days I have been hunch just plain icky. My symptoms are:
~Feeling shaky and weak.
~Feeling icey cold and then afire the next minute.
~I feel like I'm going to throw up every time I drink anything, even though I don't actually get sick.
~I feel dizzy, disoriented, and only just pain detached from reality.
~Constant headache and sinus pressure.

I have a low switch birthday party to take my mom too and I'm hoping someone has some proposal to get me through tomorrow.
I've spent the past 2 days sleeping most of the day and relaxing but I feel the same.
Does anyone have any tips on how to see the thing out of my system a bit faster or ay foods/drinks to help or to even avoid?
Answers:    just seems like you might have a cold or possibly strep throat. ego take some Advil. that usually helps me. try to drink a lot of wet. avoid drinks like soda and garbage like that. also avoid dessert foods. try to devour just grains for now.
drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. Just hang on to drinking all day.

Try and get some forceful food down you. Veggies =3

Take a painkiller if REALLY needed, but if you can avoid it, just try and sleep it off. If you transport medication that stops some of your symptons, it will usually last longer.

If you feel really bad, travel to the doctors.

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