!Question about Genital Herpes - Medication? Please help!? For those of you who have genital herpes or race who know...

For those of you who have genital herpes or nation who know about this need your feedback. Why would a doctor prescribe you a cream to put every time after you take a shower on your (girl) genitals? Obviously because your gyno prescribed it because he or she diagnosed you near genital herpes? The cream would not be prescribed if you didn't have genital herpes? Dealing with someone that during the duration we were together be diagnosed with genital herpes prescribed a pill to take a everyday and a cream to apply after she takes a shower (i own seen the cream, zovarix cream). Now the girl is telling me she was mis-diagnosed and very soon only has hsv1 on her lip... Mind she had two breakouts down near... but to top the situation off i have been on pins and needles waiting for 4 months to departed to take my last blood test to fashion sure ia m clear... if she is being honest WHY THE HELL wouldn't she call me to let me know that... Please obligation your feedback.. thank you.
Answers:    This meds is for people who hold several break out in a year it helps to have smaller amount breakouts and less pain for the person infected plus help to heal up faster .HSV1 is a cold sore that many people capture on the lips threw life, I would have to own a talk with this person if I be you she seems confused on her herpes status. She may well be infected since there is NO cure for this Not but anyways!!
J J - Herpes is NOT one disease. There are several types of the Herpes viruses. Most common are type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). Most infections (80%) above the belly button (umbilicus) are HSV-1 and part of the usual "cold" sores, BUT 20% are within the genital area. The reverse is true of type-2 (HSV-2), commonly thought of as genital herpes, but can be spread to the mouth area during oral sex. Also, either virus can be found contained by either location. A lab can test for which type is present. Your girlfriend's lab probably reported the presence of one of the two types of herpes, wrongly labeling it genital herpes but on another higher horizontal test it was really oral not genital type 2. Yes, the words are sometimes confusing. Since the virus is so common, in the region of 75% of sexually active people will get one or both Herpes virus infections in their lifetime. Each outbreak of this virus is milder, may recur, and is usually milder. Stop worrying so much BUT use protection every time as there are much more worrisome sexually-transmitted infections. Good luck!

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