"bad breath" smell when i blow my nose? When I blow my nose, there's manner of a stench. I...

When I blow my nose, there's kind of a stench. I brush & mouth wash greatly but what's going on up there?

I felt a cold coming on a few weeks ago so I used Zycam swabs...for a while I thought using those caused the smell. But I've stopped and this is still going on. No symptoms--I consistency fine.
Answers:    When I notice a client have halitosis/bad breath or complains of post nasal drip and tonsil stones despite having healthy teeth & gums, my advice is they call in the site of Oraltech Labs. I can report clients return visits have undetectable Halitosis/bad breath. So if all else fail try them. USA & UK. Association of Dental Health

But I don't know how it went away....
Hello. That's the symptom of a sinus problem. It's hard to say for sure, since you say you perceive fine, but people that have a sinus infection, get a fruitless smell in their nose and throat. That's the only piece i know that causes it. Hopefully, it will just go away. If it doesn't, i would progress to the doctor, and get checked for an infection. Feel better soon. Take care :-)

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