"Fainting" every 2 months or so? Every 2 months or as long as I can remember I sometimes...

Every 2 months or as long as I can remember I sometimes wake up and get up and go somewhere within the house and lose my vision (as if staring at the sun too long, those kind of spots not a black-out but just those coloured shortage of vision areas) and get this kind of pins and needles passion all over my body and I lose control of my limbs and fall to the floor, something like 15secs later the sensation fades and I'm always aware of everything around me and never fully lose consciousness. I'm going to see the doctor probably sometime this week but what could this be? Usually it happen about 5-10mins after I've woken up and always before I've eat, my family have speculated but I never really considered it a big deal, it's single ever happened once around another person but they thought I was a moment ago lying down because there is very minor control with these falls (like I dribble backwards not on my face and I can put stuff down quickly enough back I collapse, but I have been known to knock things over as I go). I don't really bring back what's wrong with me and maybe the doctor can offer more insight, but any planning before I go?
Answers:    possible epilepsy, it can also be severe migrane headaches too, you could have an occlusion somewhere within your carotid arteries or elsewhere in your brain, or other numerous things not so scary or just as worrisome. This is serious so please keep the doctors appointment. I hope you are seeing a neurologist.
could also be low blood pressure or something that triggers a drop in blood pressure (smoking, cannabis...)
get it checked by yr GP though
It could be linked to low blood sugar as you vote it happens before you've eaten surrounded by the mornings. It's a very common reason to wobbly. Another strong possibility is low blood pressure. Neither of these are anything to worry about. There are actually a huge number of reason to faint. Some people even faint out of foreboding or the sight of blood. If you are in your teens then faint is very common. Especially when getting up from sitting or laying down.

I individually have low blood pressure. I'm now in my unsettled 20's but have been fainting since my teens. Sometimes it's a total blackout. I be aware of like things are closing in and can feel myself start to trip up but never actually am conscious for the hitting the floor part. Most of the time though, it is like you describe, where on earth my vision goes and my control but it happens so slowly I can backing myself down to avoid hurting myself. When that happens I tend to still be aware of whats happening.

As it's happening frequently it is a correct idea to see your doctor to find out why it's happening. It's very unlikely to be anything to be concerned nearly but you may find ways to avoid it if you know the cause.

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