"Fatty" looking Platelets in donation bag? I have donated platelets and after the donation the woman showed me...

I have donated platelets and after the donation the lady showed me my bag. At the bottom of the backpack it looked like there was a splash of fat. The lady said to me "you see how your platelets look like they own fat in them, this is your platelets clotting as soon as they hit the bag." I asked if this be normal and she said that they dont see it in most platelet donations. What does this mean if your platelets start to clot as soon as they hit the donation shoulder bag?
Answers:    It means you blood clots fast and is tacky. You should mention this to your doctor.
Do not be concerned, your platelet donation is fine. A thin creamy layer seen within the platelet product is common, usually associated with a fatty meal prior to apheresis collection. You platelets may appear clumped, but they own not "clotted" and are easily resuspended in the plasma by mixing of the collection bag.

I recommend you contact the donor services manager/director beside the blood center and tell them of your experience. Donor staff should be instructed in proper donor care. Your feedback will aid improve customer service by phlebotomy staff.

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