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I'm a 20 year old female and I honestly believe that I have some form of Leukemia... and I also believe that I am slowly, but surely, dying from this disease. Here are a few of my crucial concerns/symptoms and the reasons behind why I so strongly think this and within my head... know this:

- I have been bruising closely more than normal for the past couple of months. I constantly have bruises and they are principally on my lower parts - as in, my legs, etc.
- My body, also for the past couple of months, has be cramping and aching in random spots... from my foot, legs, back, shoulders, etc.
- This I noticed yesterday, but I found more today - petechiae, forgive the spelling. I have at smallest, well... around 7 of them (that I know of.)
- I seem some-what weaker than normal and kinda' rotten, like... fatigued. I look a little pale and I own these dark circles underneath my eyes. Oh, and yes, this all started around a couple of months ago.
- My periods own been a little off for a few-ish months, but... to be honest... I'm not too concerned roughly it.
- Once again, for the past couple of months, I sometimes get small and short headaches after I stretch, win up to fast, or go to the restroom.
- For years and year I've had an enlarged lymph-node right losing my ear (not on my ear and kinda' right on the hair line.) I also, have a thyroid nodule, which I've have for a few years... if not more.
- Around a month and a half ago, I got some test done - blood tests: CBC, thyroid levels and some others, like iron. Results for the blood test came back normal. I have an EKG and a pap-smear done and yup, all normal. The only article that came back abnormal be my UA, which has quite a bit of protein it (around 100, or over in the trace amount.) No, I'm not pregnant... a short time ago to get that out there, but I did have a possible impulsive miscarriage.
- Random, but my Mom is anemic.
- I suffer from sever depression, anxiey and other mental issues and that's also, another long story.

So, that's about it, really. There may be more, but those are the most important symptoms and what-not. I want everyone to know that I am making an appointment at a local doctors' office within my town and I don't have medical insurence; I would rather not get surrounded by to that because it's a long story all on its own.

Thank you and I appreciate your advise.
P.S. I don't trust those CBC results because of my current symptoms.
Answers:    yes there is a god i belive god puts us in this world for a reason and everyone have somethingto learn in life, yeah economically think postive start looking and imangine good things that you want to happen within your life and belive it check out the movie or the book ''the secret'' (: mabey that might stop making you being so depressed hope i helped xoxoxo
You don't have leukemia. The blood tests would have provided uncompromising markers. But you probably have significant vitamin deficiency. It is adjectives. The blood tests would most certainly have shown up something as serious as leukemia. But they would not show nutritional defect. If I were you, I would start with a vitamin C every day, and a vitamin B complex (take the B beside meals or they can make you queasy). Eat healthy foods, especially fruits, vegetables, and a suitable source of protein.
I really hope you find better. Please don't lose hope, and if you think you're slowing going, go out with a clash, you can overcome these things, I've seen it. And yes theres a god. Pray and remember there is a reason for everything. Stay positive, even though I know it's complex. God blessı´
OMG im so sorry to hear that......... well to answer your question i do believe here is a god because with out him my mom would be dead. when i was contained by fourth grade my mom had stage 4 stomac cancer. she couldnt do anything. one day we have to rush her to the hospital because her uterus colapsed. at the hospital my dad and i were in the room with my mom. i will never forget the look contained by her eyes. she feared death but she new it be coming. and i swear on my life that this whole entier thing is 100% true. my mom be dead for 15 minutes. she came back to go after that time period. the doctors never quite understood what happen but if there was no god then my mother would still be unconscious.
See a doctor.
I am 45 and going through about the samething you enjoy described I have had alot of test done and can not find out a genuine diagnoses. but the one doctor had put me on neurontin for pain and achey body it seemed to support for a while but now it does not seem to be strong enough. I only want you to know that you are not alone dealing with these types of problems. about the insurance you can ask the doctor or hospital for a form for help near bill If you are in low income they paid my whole er bill.
I choice you luck I have had several blood test done, ekg,mri, emg,spinal thump and stress test, and ultra sound of my arteries can not find out what is going on the one dr thinks I am at untimely stages of ms but it is not showing up but it can take years some times to show up

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