"my neighbor" has really dry, flaky, crust heels. ? wat should she do to put them in better condition without have...

wat should she do to put them in better condition without having to progress to the salon?
Answers:    Use lotion/foot scrubs etc. and thieve care of ur feet. lotion/creme it everyday
Give your feet a good soaking. Fill a large tub or footbath near a gallon of warm water and a quarter cup of baking soda, and soak your feet. Not singular will this loosen up the dry skin so you can remove it, it soothes your feet and helps you relax.

Try a pumice stone to remove the dry skin patches. Skin on the bottom of your foot dries easily and can build up. You can find these in or near the comeliness section of your favorite store. Look for a tool that has a stiff brush on one side and a pumice stone on the other. It's best to use it after a shower, the skin will come off easier. While pumice on other parts of your body isní»t a correct idea, ití»s a great, painless tool to remove deep layers of dry, deceased skin.

You can nourish your feet overnight as well. Look for a lotion designed for foot, and slather it on both feet before you go to bed. Wear cotton socks over your foot as you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, your dry, flaky feet should touch much softer.

Good luck! ?
Either use a lotion or moisturizer daily before you go to bed

or verbs to exfoliate the heels, eg soak your feet in warm sea and use one of those heel scrapers to scrap the dead skin off.

I'm have the same problem, but with continual treament over time it should get better.
Hm. Lotion works. And there's this sort of curved rock( not a genuine one) that is rough enough to take support of dry skin, but is also gentle. I forget the name :/

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