*Red around my mouth....? I went snowshoeing on Sunday and yesterday the corners and top of...

I went snowshoeing on Sunday and yesterday the corners and top of my mouth started to become immensely red. The sides are currently all crusty and burning (maybe this much length in extra red on the side of my lips=____). The top is mostly just red and burning.

What should I do to fix it?
Answers:    It is chapped to itty bitty pieces. Trust me I have dealt near this before. What you need to do is find an oil free lotion and apply it approaching crazy it will sting but will help. Drink lots of water and put on chap stick too.
Chaped chops! Dont lick your lips, because (trust me) if you do it once, your gong to do it 20 more times. And in the cold air, ouch.

I suggest achieve chap stick (your not girly, if your scared people will presume your gay go to the bathroom and put it on or turn away from people)

I use Blistex which is a really good brand. It doesn't freeze so you can leave it surrounded by the car. It gets cold, and alittle hard, but it warm up really fast.

Sometimes when my lips are feeling dry at dark, I put a little on before I go to bed.

Dont put it on your skin, even though thats be the rash is. Just on your lips. (you can put antibiotics on it if you want, but just hose it later because you'll get pimples if you leave it on for a long time)

Thats how I business with chapped libs.

How was snowshoeing? That sounds like fun. Last winter I go snow tubbing with my a friend of mine, really fun =)

Good luck!

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