(SEX) Grinding on top? What is it with girls grinding when on top? lol Does it...

What is it with girls grinding when on top? lol Does it quality good for them? I no it doesnt for me and its time to say how i feel lol agree to me know...
Answers:    Different people approaching different things, if you don't like it then just speak.
wait what, you're talking more or less the cowgirl position right? so you want her to just SIT there? completely still?
Don't complain Luke. At least they are messing around with you. You have to step before you run buddy.
I think it's wierd that it doesn't feel worthy for you.
LMFAO I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN! when he says grinding he is referring to them simply moving back and forth not actually going up and down. It's so lame and i hate it lol. Women have need of to ride there men not slide around.
yea it feels really good for the girl and usualy does for the guy aswell...
It does for me. What ever floats your boat. If you don't like it the tell them, they should respect your choices.
Your pubic bone puts pressure on the clitoris. It's really nice when the right pressure it applied - so let the girls grind!

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