Shooting pains in the left side of my chest? For times gone by few days iv had sharp shooting pains in the...

For the past few days iv have sharp shooting pains in the left side of my chest, they are just above my nipple nouns, the pains last for about 5-10 minutes and I get them in the order of 3 times a day, do you think i should be concerned and see a doctor?
Im 17 btw.
Answers:    Yes.
In guys your age (especially if they are tall or hold recently had pneumonia or have asthma), a single lung sometimes become deflated. Aside from that, chest pain (especially shooting pain) in that area automatically merits an ER trip. Go.
You should progress to your gp and get it checked out. It might not be anything serious but its better to get it checked out. Better be safe than sorry.

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