Small raise dot on foot? I have had this unbelievably small raised dot on the pad of...

I have have this very small raised dot on the pad of my right foot since summer. It's on the wad of my foot and I don't think I have any shoes that would give me a callus (however you spell it). Recently it have started hurting to walk barefooted on hard surfaces like tile or wood. I hold no clue what this is it's only about half a centimeter across.... any accepted wisdom?
Answers:    I do not know for sure without seeing your foot, but you need to swab it well and keep your foot dry. So when youre done showering, make sure you dry it appropriate and keep it dry. Change your socks if you sweat a lot.Try using an antifungal cream on it. If it continues to get worse, or does not dance away soon, you will need to see a doctor and they will prescribe you something for it.
Maybe its a plantar wart or a granuloma. A granuloma is very hard tissue that encapsulates a foreign body like a thorn or splinter that get stuck under the skin. Granulomas are usually more dense than surrounding tissue and they are usually a little shiner and a different color. They usually work their way to the surface after a while.

Plantar wart are usually less dense than surrounding tissue and they usually are a similar color as surrounding skin, or may just a little lighter within color.

Either one can be dug out somewhat with a sterile needle by poking it into the center and opening up a hole. There are no sensory nerves surrounded by a wart or granuloma, so it won't hurt as long as you stay within the growth. If you get near the boundary or poke through it will hurt and you have gone as far as you can go. Its a good theory to apply iodine after using a needle.

Granulomas usually disappear a week or two after being poked open. Warts don't budge away by poking them with a needle, but it can relieve the pain by reducing the size of the wart. Covering wart with a fresh piece of duct tape each time is about as effective as anything else for getting rid of warts. It usually lift a month or more to get rid of a wart.

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