Swine flu nudge symptoms? I got the swine flu jab yesterday evening at around 6 oclock....

I got the swine flu nudge yesterday evening at around 6 oclock. I had no other symptoms other than an achey arm until this evening, a day after the shot. Now i consistency incredibly faint, have not fainted as of but but i feel like i'm about to if i stand up, i enjoy been in bed feeling table lamp headed for the past half an hour. i also own a very dry mouth, and feel nauseous. i am 17 years ancient. is this normal?
- faintness
- nausea
- dry mouth

should i be worried?
Answers:    You didn't have a "swine flu jab". Pigs get swine flu. You had a original H1N1 flu vaccination. Is that all you had?? You didn't enjoy the combination vaccine? As of 2010, the new vaccine combines seasonal H1N1 flu, novel H1N1 flu, seasonal H3N2, a new strain of H3N2, type B and B/Brisbane.

"should i be worried?" -- Not at this stage. The undamaged point of a vaccination is to trigger an immune response so what you feel isn't strange since it's occurring within 48 hours of a inoculation. Just take it easy for the next couple of days. The injectable form of the vaccine contains inactivated viral particle -- they can't replicate -- so what you feel should pass in 2-3 days.
The vaccine- vitally they will inject you with a bit of the flu virus so you should have flu symptoms but they should ease xxx
all i know is to drink gatorade/powerade because it will purloin care of faintness and dry mouth, and believe it or not getting fluids into you will help near the nausea
If it hasn't stopped within 24 hours from when it started, YES, be worried.
Go see the doctor, my swine flu jab gave NO symptoms.
Mild symptoms are:
Fatigue for several days after
Muscle aches
Redness, soreness, swelling or tenderness essential injection site
Fainting (mainly with teens)
I'm not sure about the dry mouth maybe you are desiccated!? So don't worry it looks fairly normal but if it progresses into something worse contact your GP =)
Hope this help =]

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