***TESTICULAR CANCER***? earlier today my ex-boyfriend mentioned he might have testicular cancer. a few...

earlier today my ex-boyfriend mentioned he might have testicular cancer. a few months fund, when we were a couple, i noticed he had a full-size lump in his testicals. i questioned if he had ever notice. surprised for my discovery he said no. he said he read some sort of article which mentioned possibilities of cancer. he hasnt had a proper diagnostic from a dr, so this hasnt yet been confirmed. though we are not together his situation worries me. are nearby any signs which accompany this type of cancer?
Answers:    Pain in the mediastinal area(under the center of the breast bone) indicates an associated tumor mass that often accompanies testicular cancer also standard gut pain may be present.He really just needs a proper exam.
Yes. I have never seen a guy all the same who did not know something was wrong. They don¡¯t have doubts.
These tumors grow large fairly quickly and are accompanied by swelling.
He really should visit a doctor. They will be the singular ones who will be able to give him a proper diagnosis.
Some of the main signs include:

* Swelling contained by part of one or both testicles.

* Feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.

* Lumps within the body of the testicle.

* Rarely, tender nipples may be caused by hormonal changes within the body.

Here is some more straightforward info on testicular cancer including its symptoms, treatments: http://www.nowwhat.org.au/info/factsheet¡­
I'm a testicular cancer survivor and suggest he get to the doctor. Symptoms vary greatly from man to man, but testicle soreness and lumps are common symptoms. And TC is the #1 cancer for men 15-35. The sooner a doctor can catch it the better the prognosis, and most imagined the less treatment will be required. It could also be a blocked vein, infection, or benign cyst, but all of those things also have need of a doctor's attention. Don't worry till you have to - only a doctor can brand an accurate diagnosis! This site has links to credible testicular cancer resources, and shows the self-exam with a list of symptoms. Good luck and hopefully it's zilch serious.

(ManExam Coalition for Testicular Cancer Awareness)

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