The inside of my chest feels raw and burnt, chest infection. Advice please? woke up Christmas time with flu like symptoms, but now it of late...

woke up Christmas day with flu like symptoms, but in a minute it just feels like i enjoy a chest infection (2 days later), my chest feels like its on fire, i'm coughing up coloured phlem, i am meagre and feel tired and dizzy. Worst of it all is the raw sunburnt inkling inside my chest after i cough. i cannot take a full deep deep breathe as it hurts too much. As i said this have been going on since Christmas, and i cannot get to a doctor until the morning at ten am. Is it ok to wait till later, i know i've waited anyway but my chest feels so sore now. I'm 30 years dated and type 2 diabetic. My husband is in bed all day too next to flu, and it seems my daughter is coming down with it too. Is it normal for your chest to be 'raw' hunch like this with chest infection?
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I think so
Most, but not all of infections presenting as yours have done are going to be self limiting viral illnesses. However you do have the added complication of being a diabetic, though you are type 2 you do not mention how this is controlled, diet alone, tablets or insulin. In view of this extramural risk factor I would suggest that you contact NHS 24/Direct tonight if you are distressed, rather than wait until the morning.
severe inflammation, empyema will give that sensation.....seize to the doctor

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