?tonsillitis and death....? well my friend have tonsillitis and she said the doctor told her...

well my friend has tonsillitis and she said the doctor told her she's going to die?.. i mean ive had it previously and i was cured with simple antibiotics. Could she have have it for a long time? she claims to have been throwiing up and her muscles are shutting down. I havent seen her surrounded by a minute because i moved away but she told me over the phone... i just dont understand i mean she is a big fraudster but this is just to much to lie about..
Answers:    It would be my guess that she is wise saying this to get attention because you do not die from tonsillitis if it has been treated beside antibiotics. She would have to have some sort of serious diagnosis other than this for her doctor to transmit her she is going to die and doctors do not make statements like this because they would say - we are going to do "X" (treatment) to try to remedy this condition, NOT "you are going to die". I believe this is a tale for attention from you.

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