**TREATMENTS FOR FATIGUE**? i am extremely concerned more or less my boyfriends health. about 6 months ago...

i am extremely concerned about my boyfriends form. about 6 months ago he started to complaint about feeling impressively tierd && he noticed how difficult it was for him to focus. he assumed it might be from all the stress as capably as bad eating habits && shortage of excersise. soon after i made an appointment with his dr. according to the physical exam, dr said he has common symptoms related to fatigue. surrounded by addition he had blood work sent to the lab. but due to an emergency he left the country for a few weeks. once he arrived hindmost he never botherd to check in with his dr for the blood results claiming he felt better. as time have gone by he has developed other signs of fatigue such as; depression, mood swings, weight loss, muscle pain, insomnia, restless night, heartburn, blury vision,dizzyness, coughing, sneezing, weezing, weak bladder, dificulty breathing,numbness, loss of motivation, dificulties consentrating && focusing, he also feels exausted most every year. he has an upcoming appointment with his dr in a few weeks. within the meantime i would like to know of any treatments or suggestions which can possibly be of benefit to him. thanks!
Answers:    you know what too do. have him eat better. more green veg. fresh fruits.
exercise day after day walk for 1 hr.
have him drink 1 oz for every pound he weights. every day, enjoy him take a daily vitamin.

try getting him to stop drinking caffeine , stop sodas, no candy or other junk food.

also here is a thing called a colon cleanse where his bowls obtain voided. maybe try this.
Have your boyfriend take the vitamin B12 not as much as online assessment. As this vitamin deficiency is commonly misdiagnosed due to far too low a reference range, check the blood assessment results..do not take the word of your doctor that you are "normal". An optimal B12 level is over 800pg/ml or 600pmol/l. A UMMA urinary methylmalonic acid theory test is more accurate and aids in the diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency. Oral B12 supplementation (such as sublingual under the tongue lozengers or underneath the tongue spray) is shown to be equivalent to B12 injections and studies state that it may be superior.

Online vitamin B12 assessment>>>

Reasons for vitamin B12 deficiency>>>
Try Perfect Night¡¯s Sleep, it is an all-natural alternative that can help you fall asleep within minutes without the aid of harmful medications. My sister is using it and she hold insomnia, and Perfect Night¡¯s Sleep helps a lot.
I just found out that I have lupas, and evedently I've had it for some time, many of those symptoms I had for YEARS and adjectives it was was a simple blood test, they also screen me for H.I.V. I'ts worth the simple blood test to rule out anything serious, but you said he had that done. make sure he is human being honest with you, and that it isnt life threatening on your part as okay, I'm just sayin.
I Really do understand what he is going through... I enjoy been going through it ever since last March My suggestion is, have him bear Multi Vitamins, Minerals ,Vitamin D and magnesium are very help full.

He should try to avoid animal fats, Have him also munch through green vegetables and lots of fruits...Drink lots of water... I encourage you to encourage him to try something call Water Therapy...Here is a cool link that tells you about it... http://www.knowledgebase-script.com/demo¡­

I hope he feel better soon.

I wish you and him all the best:)

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