Unclear diagnoses , doesnt help my anxiety? This have been going on since last last June when i get...

This has been going on since last second June when i got a chest infection my gp sent me for a spirometry , which showed an obstruction, he sent me to a spscialist where the testing was repeated , the guy doing the test ( a technican ) told me i had the beginning of copd .....but when i went back into the doctor he said that wasnt a concrete conclusions , i suffer with sinus polyps and be waiting for an operation to remove them for the 6th time when i saw the specialist i also suffer with gerd, and allergies, for all these reasons the specialist said he required to put me on some medication and see me again after the polyp op, I have had the op with little nouns and feel my chest is no better , Could anyone say what it could be please ? i have to be in motion back in March to see the consultant. ( MY MIND KEEPS WANDERING TO COPD) i did smoke but no longer do
Answers:    um use vicks vapor mist machine to breath better... and well try yoga to touch better,
and well some walks are good outdoors, clears your mind, and ably try counting slowly down from 10-1 deep breaths to calm you down, all sunshine and night it will help you out,
and well try hot tub to surface better....
If you've had no nouns you need to see the specialist again.Nobody on here will be qualified enough to make a diagnosis minus seeing you and your results. You need to see your doc again and ask for a referral

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