[Unprotected sex] I don't remember if i pulled it out on time? Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex last darkness at 8pm, she...

Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex last night at 8pm, she be on the 5th day after her period, i don't remember if i pulled it out on time on the first squirt, the rest of the squirts i know i did, i be very tired from a 20 hours trip and i wasn't really aware of my body. Since 8pm of this morning we have 72 hours of time to get the morning-after pill, i don't know what to do, this have happened to me before but i didn't get her any pill. What should i do
Answers:    .....dude....its called a condom and when ur not half-dead. dont be stuuuupid.
First, dance and get the pills. They don't work if you only think almost taking them.

Second, never, never rely on "pulling out" again. It's a stupid non-method of contraception, and people who rely on it are known as "parents".
To be completely safe, morning after pill would be suggested. You can step to a planned parenthood if needed or have her call her doctor without beating about the bush and they will see her today. Now, to speak of the 5 days after her period, it is a good chance that she isn't ovulating which later would be no way for her to get pregnant. But that isn't always the best method for pregnancy prevention, but albeit an influential one if nothing else is used. Considering you didn't completely ejaculate in her also reduces the likelihood, but usually the first shoot is the money shoot (no pun intended).
if shes preg a coat hanger will work.

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