[urgent] I dont knw wat is wrong with me?All the time when i am intake my food is not getting digest properly? all the time i can c is my stomach is tight...

all the time i can c is my stomach is tight and i am not feeling hungry.i use to have my brk fast at 9 afterwards i dont feel hungry at lunch time again after reaching home i use to eat my dinner.plzzz advise me
Answers:    wat is ur age? have u ever taken too lots of antibiotics or medicines??try something ayurvedic digestive supplements.
You could be consumption to fast. Your could be sucking in a lot of nouns when you swallow. Do you smoke? or eat between meals, this is a problem. Snack between meals.? If you guzzle breakfast around eight, then lunch around twelve to one, then you should eat around six (supper) three meal a day.
Do the yoga is described in this book: Yogasna: http://goo.gl/iySCl

Your stomach problem will go away surrounded by 3 days for ever

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