What are the benefits of using organic sunscreen? Would it be better for acne-prone skin? What are some Australian companies that...

Would it be better for acne-prone skin?

What are some Australian companies that have natural sunscreen?
Answers:    You're probably better off looking for a sunscreen that claims to be hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin. Look for something beside few inactive ingredients and only active ingredients that are labeled as UV protectants. If you want to be awfully careful, look up the ingredients online. I would also suggest avoiding metal compounds. And be sure to apply enough!
Try Google to check this and see the latest new information on it.
doesnt matter if its "organic" or not. What matters is what chemicals are inside which determine if it works or not and of course any side effects

near are some "artifical" products that by design use some chemicals that can cause side effects. It is these chemicals that are to blame, not because its "artificial"

if i put up a factory and used a fusion reaction to fuse hydrogen into oxygen then combined the oxygen wth hydrogen to form "artifical" sea, would it be as good as "natural" water from a totally uncontaminated source?

whether artificial water or raw water, its just the same. Just scrutinize out for contaminants.

BTW, even pure water can kill you if you drink too much
organic sun screen is made of frog and lizard s.h.i.t.......I work contained by company that manufactures it..they sometimes use crushed cocrache's internal organs..to give smoth finishing to the cream..its good for eyeshade.

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