What are the chances of me having colon cancer? i am 14 years weak. i am excessively active, and have a...

i am 14 years old. i am excessively helpful, and have a regular diet, just as any other person my age. for times gone by couple months i have had blood in my stools, experienced constipation, diarrhea and or gas. more frequently i've be having irregular bowl movements, and i had a stage of harsh abdominal backache which passed. more often i haven't been having much direah but more constipation. some days i do not own blood at all. and others i have alot.
Answers:    I think you've not shown it to doctor yet. I'll advice you to rush to doctor summarily as you can. Because Precaution is always better than treatment. And in this case you already know that there is something wrong with your health. So don't waist time and own a checkup with doc.

Wish you a happy time for the next year and Marry Christmas also. GOD bless You.
It can be oodles things, but the symptoms you are describing need to be evaluated by a medical professional.
Probably not, but you certainly do hold something that is abnormal.Why don't you go to the Dr.and grasp checked out?

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