What are these symptoms.....chest infection ? I have have this for a week or two now 1. a dry...

I have had this for a week or two now
1. a dry cough
2.loss of appetite-weight loss
3.mucus when i cough sometimes
5. Sometimes carn't sleep
6. Lots and lots of coughing

Will I need to walk to the doctors if I do have a chest infection ??
Thanks :)
Answers:    You should go and see doctor as soon possible this doesn't sound right
You have to ask to achieve checked for Cystic Fibrosis. (Sys-tic-fib-roses)
There is I am afraid lots of information missing, your age, your past medical and especially respiratory history, your family history and your smoking history. This aside, statistically the commonest incentive of respiratory symptoms such as you describe is a viral infection, which if this is the case, is likely to be self limiting. The decision as to whether you should attend your GP is yours alone and depends how unwell you are and how worried or concerned you are.
Sounds resembling either bronchitis or pnumonia. Try rubbing your feet with mentholated chest rub and putting on gelatinous socks. This will warm the chest without the gunk messing up your shirts. Drink lots of fluid you can see thru. Dairy products increase mucus production. Use a heating wipe or such thing on your chest to help loosen junk contained by your lungs. Sleeping on your side propped up on pillows will help alleivaite the coughing at night. You may need to be in motion to the doc for antibiotics.
Well... i don't really know and i'm not a doctor but i did do some searching and i think you probably don't have a chest infection but you should call on a doctor.

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