What can this be? Any doctors or nurses? It started out as a sensitive swollen gland-like thing, right under my...

It started out as a painful swollen gland-like piece, right under my jaw line.
I go to my doctor and he prescribed me a 5 day thing of anti biotics.
After my first day of antibiotics, the lump get bigger, and stayed that way. (big enough to be way evident, half of a golf ball, would be the closest description of how big it was)
Two weeks later, i go back to my doctor so he could check on it.
he noticed it was bigger and sent me to a lab place, to acquire my blood taken and so i could give a urine sample.
he said it could be a swollen gland because of mono.

Just yesterday it got really small, and really tough.
It doesnt hurt anymore, either.
Do you think it could be getting better, or it might be cancer or something?
Is nearby anything other than cancer that this might be?
It doesnt move either, which kind of upset me.
It sort of feels like its stuck on my jaw bone.
Ive have this lump for a little over a month now.
Answers:    The way you described it it seems to be related to the bones or the salivary glands. more probably to salivary glands cuz you had an inflammatory phase. As it doesn't hurt presently, it means you have treated the acute inflammation. You need to verbs the follow up with your Doctor to do more investigations to reach a final diagnosis
Doubtful it is cancer. Cancerous lumps rarely shrink by themselves. If it be a swollen gland due to a systemic infection such as mononucleosis, your other neck glands would be swollen also. It would not be isolated to one single place.

It might be an infected sebaceous cyst. The fact the lump suddenly got particularly small might mean it ruptured and drained the contents. If it comes back, ask your doctor if it is possibly a cyst.
You are getting better presently and you went to hematology to get your blood taken.

Mono lasts for a long while and so you will be seeing the effects of this for some time yet
this happened to me once:basically one gland was swollen(really big and painful)
my dr saw it and felt the lump:it was an infected salivary gland
if the strong lump is smaller, but still there, you may have a stone in the salivary gland.
try to procure an appointment with a ear nose throat Dr,they are familiar next to salivary gland stones.

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