What is the choice for me to get HIV or other STD? two and half week ago, I had protected intercourse and get unprotected...

two and half week ago, I had protected intercourse and got unprotected oral sex from a sex worker within China(This is my first time with sex worker) and I also finger her and spit on my hands to finger her without protection. Two sunshine after the event, I am so scared, can't not sleep well because I am scared to attain HIV from her because unprotected oral sex. I may got some low fever two day after the event and I took some medication, and it go away the next morning. since that day, I couldn't sleep very very well every night.on day 7 and day 8. I consistency numbness on my hands during the sleep, by the way, it is very cold surrounded by China, could this be the reason for my numbness on my hands? I might have for a moment rush or cut on my dick during the unprotected oral sex, that make me even scarier right now. I heard society say oral sex has little choice to get HIV, but I have a cut or rush my dick. I don't have any STD before that day because I newly got checked. I will go get tested for majority HIV test and HIV PCR test. today is two and half week from year 1, I have been feel tiredness for previous two weeks, but I can still get up the bed. I don't have enlarged lymph nodes in the collar, armpits or groin, but i feel tight on my neck. I also had sunburning affliction feeling on my neck and upper back and front chest for closing three day and today, but I can not see any rash on my neck, upper put money on and front chest. this worry me so much.( Sorry, I english is not very good, but please lend a hand me with my question. What is the choice for me to get HIV or any other STD? Please impart me a detail answer about all my question.
Answers:    In the US, it is illegal for most civilian (non-military) employers to require an HIV examination for potential new hires because of the potential for abuse (i.e., discrimination base on disability status). The urine sample you gave them was probably tested for commonly abused drugs (THC, cocaine, etc.) Report Abuse
It would enjoy been better if you had thought about the potential for contracting STDs previously you had sexual contact with the sex worker. In fact, the best article would be to not use sex workers at all - they are often coerced into the "job" and you don't want to contribute to human rights violations.

As you probably know, HIV isn't transmitted through saliva, but through blood and semen. If the sex worker have blood in her mouth (say, from gum disease, open sores, or a cut), that's really the only mode you'd be able to contract HIV from her giving you unprotected oral sex... but unless you actually saw evidence that she had sores/cuts/gum disease, there's no course to know for sure. Having an open wound on your penis is, of course, bad within this situation, and increases the risk of contracting disease.

Make sure to repeat the antibody test for HIV at six months from the day you had potential exposure, because denial tests earlier than that aren't completely conclusive (because there may not be a high-ranking enough concentration of the virus to be detected). The PCR test is not FDA approved and can also give false positives (see king county's connection below); the most reliable test is the standard antibody test.

It sounds like you have some vaguely flu-like symptoms following the sexual contact. This could suggest Hepatitis B if you aren't vaccinated. Most common STDs produce signs of infection (swelling, discharge, pain) locally on the genitals, and most of these can be effectively treated, especially if diagnosed precipitate on. It sounds like you don't have any of those signs - yet. They can rob weeks to months to show up, though.

As for the sunburn feeling, it was probably just contact dermatitis unrelated to the sexual contact. My guess would be that you wore a shirt that have some irritant on it for some reason.

I'm not a doctor; I'm a physical scientist. But you can research these things further for yourself using the links below.

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