04022011 being World Cancer Day - Any Helpful comments to treat Cancer with Acupressure & Natural Remedies? Details of various treatment option available to the rural poor to...

Details of various treatment options available to the rural poor to treat cancer cases without costs, lacking side effects and without hospitalizations. Any leads in the internet.
Answers:    None of those things treat cancer.
Obviously you are not a qualified doctor. If you be, you would know that human cancers cannot be treated successfully with acupressure and natural remedies.

Could this give somebody the third degree be an invitation to spammers to peddle their wares?
Waste of time. The rural poor deserve better treatment.
Unfortunately these therapy are unable to cure cancer.

A few studies have looked into what happens to patients who chose alternative analysis instead of conventional treatment. These studies show that the risk of progression/death significantly increases - most notably in those who refuse surgery, but also surrounded by those who refuse additional radio-chemotherapy.

You can read the summaries of those studies here:
so how many answers give or take a few your question would have believed the earth be flat ,
its so silly to believe there is only one way to treat cancer
the song is so true , everybody requests to rule the world
U may visit our website www.saioam.com to know what we are.Any patient for that matter, requirements remedy with least costs and with no side effects.It is none of his botheration whether he is treated by a qualified doctor or not. We enjoy treated many a no. of dreaded diseases with recorded documentation. Report Abuse
only if it along side of other treatments
The ¡°rural poor ¡°? Do live in this country?
No one can be treated for anything without cost.
If you were a genuine doctor you would never ask this question.

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