10 heart wholesome foods...? Do you know 10 heart healthy foods to add to a diet....

Do you know 10 heart healthy foods to append to a diet. I want to improve my heart health.
Answers:    After I had triple coronary bypass surgery, the dietician told me to mainly put away meats with the word "loin" at the end, such as sirloin or pork loin. She said they be the cuts of meat w/ the least fat.
1) Water
2) Water
3) Water
4) Water
5) Water
6) Water
7) Water
8) Water
9) Water
10) Salt

Heart health can be maintain by drinking adequate amounts of water and salt.

Contrary to the popular myths that abound, food have little or nothing to do with cholesterol. or high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is cause from unintentional dehydration when the body doesn't get the water it requests. It uses a process called reverse osmosis to squeeze water from the blood to inject into the cells. This pressure is reflect in the high blood pressure readings.

When the blood get dehydrated, it becomes even more dehydrated during its walkway through the lungs due to the act of respiration, which takes out some of the water content when we breathe. It also become thickened with acidic toxins. The blood later passes through the arteries and blood vessels with a shearing force, cause minute tears and abrasions that could peel away and cause an embolism within the brain or other organ.

To prevent this damage, the body produces sticky cholesterol to cover these damaged areas and protect them until they can be repaired. This so-called "bad" cholesterol is actually beneficial to protecting your energy.

Under normal circumstances and with the proper tools, the body would never engage within making anything that would be harmful to it.

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