10 point acid reflex? so it calmed down a bit but i still be aware of the stomach...

so it calmed down a bit but i still discern the stomach acid and i am wondering if it would be bad to go put money on to sleep because i head laying down and sleeping make it worse. didnt sleep nearly at adjectives last night.

very tired but dont want to guzzle because i feel sleeping & eating will make the acerbic reflex worse.

I dont know what to do or eat right now... : (
Answers:    I have acid reflux pretty unpromising, and the things i notice help the most are eating bread products, and tums or rolaids.
I own horrible HORRIBLE acid reflux myself. I understand how you are feeling entirely! Infact, at this moment I am trying to swallow down the tart because I also don't know what else I can do to fix it.

I regularly take medications to help. You can pop in your local walmart/pharmacy and pick up some over the counter medications to experiment with or you can head straight to the doctor and explain yourself for some cheap prescription meds. Acid reflux is not something to mess around next to. It can cause all kinds of internal wounded if left untended to... not to mention how painful it is to have on a each day basis.

As for laying down, try to stay elevated from the head down. You want your foot to be the lowest part of your body. Many people accomplish this by putting things under their headboard and raise their bed an approximate amount of inches. You can look this up online if you are interested.

For acid reflux that is not general heartburn, you want to avoid antacids similar to Tums, because the active ingredients can actually upset you more. You want ingredients like Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide. You can speak about by looking at the ingredients on any medications you buy over the counter. Those should provide some fast relief while you dawdle to visit the doctor.

Drinking water will not immediately cure the discouraging feelings, but it will help in the long run. Milk can give support to, but it can actually make it worse depending on how bad your reflux is. Just pilfer a long hard look in the antacid area of your pharmacy or walmart, and label sure to look up as much information about Acid Reflux as you can, if you have reservations about the doctor.

I know that not everyone listen when people say "Go to the doctor" so I am trying to be as helpful as I can otherwise.. but truly, your best bet is to stir to the doctor. Do not be afraid. Most likely they will just prescribe you medication without have to run any extensive testing. I have read some of the proceedures online and it kept me away for a long time. Remember, you can refuse treatment while at hand.. Its not the best option, but at least you will have get into the doctors office before making that decision.

Good luck.
try not to devour a couple of hours before going to bed as lying on a full stomach can makes things worst also try to sleep propped up as this sometimes stops the acid from coming up and burning also it be worth going to see your doctor if this have been a problem for a while you might need tests to see if your symptoms are related to a stomach swelling if that is the case then you will have need of to be put on a combination of 2 antibiotics and protein pump inhibitors ie lozec this probably the 1st one they would try you on it often works quite well near the 2 antibiotics also it would be worth your doctor checking you for helocobactor its the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers so you should be also ruled out for that near blood test and possibly an endoscopy hope that helps
The medication the doctor prescribes is only to be taken up to 14 days at a time, 3 times a year as recommended by the FDA. The side effects are tremendously serious and potentionally deadly with prolonged use of acid blockers. My mother is free of severe GERD and LPR taking digestive enyzme supplements next to meals. :) Very effective. Good link to check out>>> http://www.natural-indigestion-relief.coĦ­

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