10 points help me coughing up stomach sour feels like dying!? I was woken up by one and only 3 hours sleep and coughed up...

I was woken up by only 3 hours sleep and coughed up stomach sharp. I was shaking uncontrllably...finally stped! now the stomach acid is unfair bad and im scared to go stern to bed because of this painful stomach acid.

i want to never have this again!

i be suppsed to take my exam in high college 11th grade tday and i cant. plus my parents car wont start.

ii never had stmach tart like this before. excuse my sppelling.

first time like ever i have this stomach acid. i tryed tums. not working.

my life is sooo effed up presently. :(
it sucks im not kidding and my parent does not csare.

so woke up then couldnt stop shaking then stomach acerbic.

the pain is like no other.

not fun.

someone help me!! anything! any proposal.

thank you
Answers:    If it was first time consequently don't worry as it happens sometimes.

If you had have it before then it might be gastroesophaguial reflex. in which your stomach acerbic shoots up into esophagus. It is a disease. SO go to a doctor ASAP.
I hope you never stop getting stomach acid - it's substantial for breaking down and digesting the food you eat.

Your problem isn't the acid, it's an unhealthy lifestyle - you don't drink ample water.

To prevent future attacks, do this - 30 minutes before you chomp through, drink 8 oz of water. Then dissolve a pinch (1/8 tsp) of salt on your tongue, followed by another 8 oz of water. Then, 2 - 2 1/2 hours after drinking, repeat the water/salt/water treatment.

There's a mucus lining that protects the stomach from the hydrochloric acid that your body produces to process the food. When you don't drink enough dampen, this lining starts to break down, exposing your stomach to the burning effects of the acid.

Drinking water and a pinch of brackish 30 minutes before eating allows the body to absorb it and afterwards secrete it back out as a bicarbonate at the proper time to prevent the effects of the acid.

If you regularly drink things close to soft drinks, you need to stop. These are responsible for your stomach being in the condition its surrounded by.
Could be a number of things, things like sour reflux or maybe even gallstones that caused a gallbladder attack! You NEED to go to your doctor asap to find out whats cause this, otherwise it may keep recurring. Good luck!
go the kitchen and try to find some baking soda, help yourself to a teaspoon of it and it will neutralize the stomach acid. If no relief, take one or two spoons again.
I suppose its just coz of your exams.... you are just being edgy....
If the symtoms presist look for something like BELCID.... Antiacidic,
aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide
get well soon consequently and dont be too nervous about your exams
Sounds like acid reflux. You could help yourself by not lying flat but have a high pillow. You will need to take something resembling Lanzaprazole which is an acid inhibitor every day but it could just hold been caused by you worrying about your exams which resulted within acid indigestion and when you coughed, the acid came up. I suffer from sour reflux and take Lanzaprazole every evening which keeps it under control but I have the acid burn a couple of nights before taking the medication and it is remarkably unpleasant so you have my sympathy. You could try a liquid like Gaviscon which works better than tablets.

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