10 Points ))) Please Answer This ? i've struggled with acne since i was 12 yrs old. presently the...

i've struggled with acne since i was 12 yrs old. very soon the acne is getting bettr ( i'm 17) but one more problem, THE MAKRS. they do go away, but there's always unsullied marks ( they're use to be pimpels).

From my past questions, this guy told me this. I'm asking you guys if what he said is true . . .

"Buy olive grease and lemon juice. Each morning you wake up put the olive oil and lemon liquid in a bowl (only put a little) and mix it up, put some on your fingers and massage it in to your skin, ten minutes following wash it of with warm river. Before you go to bed at night do the same but check out of it on your skin while you sleep. Keep doing this until you get rid of the acne scars, you can keep doing it after if you want to hang on to your skin healthy, up to you. Olive oil and lemon juice is worthy for the skin, it keeps it healthy and looking young and help get rid of acne scars."

Is this True ?
Answers:    No - this is a form of bleaching and has be used for thousands of year to fade to skin defects although traditionally lemon and aloe are mixed without the oil. Women own used it to help fade pigmentation such as one nipple markedly darker than the other. Acne scaring is best treated once the acne is resolved next to professionally Doctor applied treatments such a chemical peals and or derm - abrasion. Do not try these at home - significant skin damage is possible and there is simply no home substitute for such treatments

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