***10 points*** What is this off-white substance coming out of the skin on my nose? So I know the first piece that comes to mind is 'puss'.....

So I know the first thing that comes to mind is 'puss'.. But the substance is harder than that of puss and resides inside the skin on my nose. I eventually pull it out near tweezers where it comes out almost like a maggot, only much more smaller than one. It is 3mm long on average and no it's not alive lol. When i verbs it out it lives quite a noticable hole in my nose. The hole eventually heal over time. What is it?
Answers:    It's probably sebum from an enlarged sebaceous gland.
It's still puss, just a little harder.
acne? Black heads?

I hear it's a bleak habit to be pulling those out because your pores will widen over time and will be very conspicuous later on.

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