1.46 creatinine level, BUN 27, Triglycerides 188 mg/dL (normal 0-149). LDL Chol. 104. Are my kidneys damaged? These results were on Dec 1st. 2 weeks after that, after drinking 2.2...

These results were on Dec 1st. 2 weeks later, after drinking 2.2 liters of river every day, creatinine went 1.4, bun 25, triglycerides went down 119, but total cholesterol go up to 209 (normal 100-199). I did an ultrasound and my Family doctor said my kidneys were ok, but I have to go hindmost to check the creatinine levels after 1 month. I am worried: Are my kidneys damaged? Are they going to be damaged since my creatinine level went up since last year? In October 2009 my creatinine was 1.02
Answers:    These are normal results from WebMD:
Men: 0.7-1.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL)

Women: 0.6-1.0 mg/dL

Teen: 0.5-1.0 mg/dL

Child: 0.3-0.7 mg/dL

Newborn: 0.3-1.2 mg/dL

I would continue to pursue this surrounded by order to find out the cause. The two major cause of chronic kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure
Your kidneys could be damaged, but just a few question. Are you on a high-protein diet? Did you eat a lot of meat within 24 hours of your blood test? Do you have any other health conditions? These can raise creatinine and BUN level, even if there's no kidney damage.

Regarding your total cholesterol, that number is almost completely worthless as a measure of heart health. Someone can own cholesterol over 200 and have HDL (good cholesterol) be 100 and LDL be 100. Sometimes, after going on a heart-healthy diet, good cholesterol can go up, raise total cholesterol. The breakdown of your cholesterol matters much more. Your LDL is only 104, which meals your HDL is probably pretty dignified. That's GOOD!

Based on your kidneys and your triglycerides, I wonder if you have a metabolic disorder. Do you have high blood pressure? Insulin resistance or diabetes? Are you overweight? That could be cause kidney damage, if you do indeed have it.
The conventional levels in men are 1.4 women 1.2 your levels seem to be fine. Your doctor checking the levels next month is precautionary to ensure that these levels do not rise consistently next to kidney failure. If you have diabetes, you are at a very giant risk of experiencing this type of elevation. It is important to understand that this rise in Creatinine level is not a health condition in itself but rather a symptom of a deeper underlying raison d`¨ētre that must be treated in order to reduce the level. There are also several other causes for an increase in Creatinine levels. The prolonged use of antibiotics or high-ranking blood pressure medications which are Angitensin-converting enzyme inhibitors can cause an increase in Creatinine level. If you are an athlete or bodybuilder and you are on supplements, make sure that your supplements do not contain Creatine. Creatine supplements are often used to gain muscle mass quickly.

Dietary measures and medication are necessary in order to make smaller elevated levels of Creatinine. However, these changes need to be specifically suited to your consignment and physical fitness levels. Thus, you will need to speak to your doctor to get a dietary regimen that is to say suitable for you. There are also several home remedies like cinnamon and Siberian Ginseng that can be used to treat this problem. Dandelion tea is an effective diuretic and is also rich in potassium which is a mineral to be precise often lost when using a diuretic. The tea also helps to normalize blood sugar levels and is as a consequence extremely effective in dealing with cases of increased Creatinine cause by diabetes.

Try not to worry so much as stress can also affect your immune system. Just follow the above tips and watch your diet and fluids and add the herbal remedies if you perceive comfortable. Trust your doctor. Hope this helps.

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