1 small bald spot on commander? I'm a girl and recently I have found only 1 small shiny on top...

I'm a girl and recently I have found only 1 small shaved spot on my head. I noticed bald spot nouns is darker than the skin of my scalp .I can feel hair growing and see it soo what's going on serious answers please
Answers:    The usual disorder specifically seen when someone complains of a small bald spot is alopecia areata. However, the skin is generally any normal color or a "peach" color, so your statement of the area being dark is not usual. Often the hair will spontaneously regrow, and maybe that's what you're feeling. If you do hold this disorder, it's not rare for it to recur. Why not see your dermatologist in order to find out if that's what you own?
There are wide ranges of factors which lead to mane loss like:

1. Too much of experimentation on hair like coloring, straightening, perming, etc. are within fact torture on the delicate hair which eventually motive hair loss.
2. Hormonal changes of different kinds within women also cause hair loss.
3. Sometimes, some diseases or prolonged illness may also motivation hair loss like kidney dysfunction.
4. Another reason could be the use of some medication which can be blamed for speedy tresses fall.
5. Deficiency of necessary nutrients like zinc is however another major factor of hair loss.
Profollica? is one of the solution which does not involve use of drugs or chemicals. It contains natural ingredients and can be used on the scalp to cure the smooth on top spot. Profollica? is three part system containing a shampoo, gel and nutritional supplement which facilitates and strengthens hair rescue in a natural way.

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