;(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(: eperdidymis infection ? okay so basically i fount a lump in the neighbourhood the top of my...

okay so basically i fount a lump near the top of my testicle a while back, i am a 15 year frail male. the (lump) is not round and it it is long, it feels like it is attatched to the eperdidymis and when i pinch it it also feel like its attatched to my eperdidymis, can some give me an idea of what it is formerly i go to the doctors
Answers:    Epididymitis is common. It can be caused by anything really, excessive wanking Etc. and can come and dance. It can also be caused by many (NSU) STD's, so if you have be having unprotected sex recently, you need to jump and get a check up.

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