**** i think im lactose intolerent :[? im a 15 year old womanly and ive been having stomache problems...

im a 15 year old womanly and ive been having stomache problems for a few months now but im merely too embarassed to say something.
anyway, i just drank a cup of milk and i got REALLY desperate problems in my stomache.
and im pretty sure its lactose related because from what i can think of it only happen after i drink milk, eat yogurt, etc
Answers:    don't be embarrassed it happens to loads of ancestors. cut wheat and dairy. bacteria ferments in your stomach cause it to bloat.
Well I can't say for sure, could just be a stomach problem. Either passageway you need to lay off lacotse products for a while (at least a week) earlier you even think about re-introducing it. If you then hold problems you're intolerant, if you don't have problems then it was merely a stomach problem.
Yep, you're lactose intolerant. Welcome to the club! Don't be embarassed about it. There are actually a lot of things you can buy, such as lactose free milk, that will really backing those tummy issues. Have a chat with one of the 'rents.

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