:( Sicky. Best ways to remove phlegm from your throat? I began getting sick last hours of darkness and I have a lot of...

I began getting sick ultimate night and I have a lot of phlegm surrounded by my throat. :( It's super annoying and I've heard drinking hot tea helps but I don't like tea. Any suggestions?
Answers:    I think you mean you are having mucous within the your throat, draining from your nostrils. When we get a cold, we produce an abundance of mucous. If this is the case, try a decongestant. I similar to sudafed. There are many over the counter decongestants available.

If you mean that you are coughing up mucous from your chest into the back of your throat, after Robitussin would be helpful to you.

In either case, you can progress to the drugstore and ask the pharmacist to help you pick out the most helpful over the counter the medications for your problems.

It help to keep yourself well hydrated when you have a cold. Plenty of liquid helps to thin mucous, making it easier to cough out. Drink other liquids that you similar to: like soups, juices, sports drinks, jello, water, etc.
I am in the same boat. I enjoy been gargling with remarkably warm salt water. It help bring it up for sure. It leaves you a little raw, though. If you have guanifenisin, i.e. good, too.
Most of us are used to the tea that Mom give us as kids. There are a plethora of teas on the market these days~ have you taken a walk down that aisle of the store lately? Surely in attendance has to be at least one that is to your taste. You're looking for a decaffeinated tea and there are literally at least 50 flavors of herbal teas available; some fruity, some minty, others are blends of herbs; in that is something for everyone. Tea with honey will work best for you but you can also try chicken broth. The warmth will help to break down the phlegm. Gargling beside warm salt water (1/2-1tsp within 8oz) is helpful after you've drunk the tea or broth- it will aid in cleansing and expelling excess germs from your throat and mouth. Don't forget to get plenty of rest, too!

Hope you're outlook better soon!
Try grease pulling. Put 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil in your mouth and swill it around for a few mins then spit out and rinse a few times beside warm water. It helps detox the body.It worked for me. Best to do it first entry in the morning because you shouldn't eat for 3-4 hours before or drink for 1 hour previously. Google Oil Pulling - there's lots of info about it.

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